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Bitarome Pure Oil - Blood Orange

Bitarome Pure Oil - Blood Orange

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  • The slightly lemony citrus scent of fresh blood oranges, in an essential oil used as a delicious flavoring or for its health benefits. Made from cold pressing the fresh peels of over 200 oranges, this pure orange oil is essential for adding a touch of orange flavor to your favorite recipes.
  • IN THE KITCHEN – This pure orange oil is ready to use sparingly wherever orange zest or peel is required. Add to fillings for chocolates, icings for cakes, pancake or cake batter, coffee, homemade granola, brownies, vinaigrettes & anywhere else a zing of flavor is wanted.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS – Outside the kitchen, orange oil is often utilized for its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Orange oil can help curb inflammation in the body by reducing pain and irritation. It also has a carminative property which helps expel intestinal gas.
  • AROMATHERAPY – Orange oil promotes a feeling of happiness and warmth when used in aromatherapy. Pure orange essential oil aids in relieving anxiety, anger and depression and is beneficial in promoting a healthy wellbeing as it detoxifies your body and boosts your immunity.
  • CHEMICAL FREE CLEANING PRODUCTS & MORE – Use orange oil to add a fresh citrus scent to home cleaning products without having to use harsh, unnatural chemicals. Mix this blood orange oil with massage oil to help promote relaxation.


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