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Cookina Barbecue Guard

Cookina Barbecue Guard

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The new Cookina Barbecue GARD is designed to protect the side shelf of the barbecue.

Grilling can get messy but that doesn't mean your barbecue has to. The Cookina Barbecue GARD protects your barbecue from the grease or sauce that may drip or splatter from your tools or your grills. A great way to also prevent scratches on stainless shelves.

The barbecue mat can also be used as a trivet.

  • Prevents scratches on BBQ side shelves
  • Protects surfaces from grease
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe
  • Can also be used as a trivet
  • Do not use in the oven or on the grill
  • Heat resistant silicone material up to 460 Degree F (240 Degree C)
  • 14" x 11" (35.5 cm x 28 cm)


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