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My Sun Run Adventure 🏃‍♀️

My Sun Run Adventure 🏃‍♀️

In April, I participated in Vancouver's annual Sun Run!

Over 45,000 runners turned up for the event on April 21st. The weather was clear, not too hot, and not too cool.

After the run, I found a familiar face in the crowd - one of my favourite Sales Representatives.

Rob Leibermann is the man who introduced me to Lakrids if you know you know - and also sells me the beautiful Casafina Dinnerware from Portugal.

Another standout experience from my Vancouver 'Spring Getaway' was attending a pasta-making class at The Gourmet Warehouse, with my epicurious brother.

As fate would have it, after the class I was delighted to see Caren McSherry the founder of The Gourmet Warehouse and her daughter Christina.

I was 'star-struck" and I couldn't contain my excitement!

I eagerly introduced myself as the owner of a modest kitchen store in the West Kootenays. Caren and Christina both graciously engaged with me. 

Caren's willingness to field my numerous questions left a lasting impression, making our encounter a standout moment in my culinary journey and a highlight of my career.

Have you ever met a celebrity or professional "crush"? Who would you like to meet in the culinary world?

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