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Mixing and Multipurpose Bowls: Popular Must-haves From Rosti Mepal

Here at Bear Country Kitchen, we take pride in sourcing high quality, hard to find items. Among these items is the brand Rosti Mepal. More specifically, its sought after mixing and multipurpose bowls. 

Rosti Mepal makes a variety of both mixing and storage bowls. Perhaps their most famous make is the Margrethe mixing bowls, a kitchen essential. The Margrethe mixing bowls are a timeless favourite for being lightweight, durable and easily stored.

Rosti Mepal’s Cirqula multi-bowls are a handy must-have in the kitchen. Also known for durability and convenience, they are great for food storage, transport and meal prep.

Rosti Mepal’s products are designed in Europe and have been in the industry since 1940. Although many knock-offs have been made, Rosti is the original true maker, leaving customers with durable, long-lasting and top quality products each time.

Margrethe Mixing Bowls

When you’re looking for a mixing bowl, keep in mind that the best mixing bowls are durable and versatile. You want a mixing bowl that can be used for anything you throw at it, whether you’re mixing up cookie dough or vigorously whisking some whipping cream. Rosti’s Margrethe mixing bowls are perfect for this.

It is no wonder why the Margrethe mixing bowls have made quite the name for themselves. These mixing bowls have been around since 1954 and over the past 60 years, have proven themselves as a timeless kitchen essential. This is because the Margrethe mixing bowls are made out of melamine, a strong and stable plastic. Unlike other plastic bowls, the Margrethe mixing bowls are scratch, light and heat resistant and therefore built to last. 

Rosti’s Margrethe mixing bowls are light and sturdy so that they are comfortable for the home cook or baker. The deep bowl provides optimal space for mixing while still being accessible and not awkward to use. The mixing bowls also feature a curved handle to steadily rest on your hand and the design features a lip to easily pour out batter or liquids.

Another great feature of Rosti’s Margrethe mixing bowls is that they have a removable rubber non-slip ring on the bottom, which allows for easy stirring or whisking of batter without slipping (perfect for whipped cream!). Additionally, Rosti also makes lids that fit on top of the Margrethe mixing bowls. These lids, sold separately from the bowls, are transparent and airtight which completely removes the need for plastic wrap or foil and allows for easy stacking in the fridge.

Bear Country Kitchen sells the Margrethe mixing bowls in sizes 1.5 litres, 2 litres, 3 litres, 4 litres, and 5 litres. If you need more than one mixing bowl but don’t want to sacrifice storage space, these mixing bowls stack nicely so that you can store multiple without the hassle of cramming them individually into a cupboard or drawer.

Cirqula Multi-Bowls

We at Bear Country Kitchen highly recommend the Rosti Mepal Cirqula multi-bowls for a reason. When looking for ease and convenience in the kitchen, you want a bowl that can be put through it all. These multi-bowls are perfect for convenience when it comes to meal prep and food storage as they can be put in the freezer, microwave or even used as a timeless serving bowl. 

The Cirqula multi-bowls come with transparent lids, which allow for easy stacking and a clear view of the bowl’s contents. As mentioned above, Rosti Mepal’s Cirqula Multi-Bowls are freeze-proof and microwave safe so you can freeze a homemade soup, thaw it out and set it on the table to serve immediately all while using the same bowl. 

The Cirqula Multi-Bowls are also perfect for storing leftovers, salad, and liquids, as these bowls are 100% leak-proof and airtight. It’s no surprise why these top quality, European made bowls are loved by our family and friends.

Bear Country Kitchen carries Rosti Mepal’s Cirqula multi-bowls in various sizes ranging from 350 millilitres to three litres.  The varying sizes are great for accommodating whatever you need. The smaller bowls are perfect for personal meal prep and the leakproof lid makes them easy to store away in a lunch bag or backpack. The one, two and three litre bowls are great for taking larger portions to a potluck or helping to get food on the table faster for a weeknight family dinner.

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There is lots to love about both the Cirqula multi-bowls and Margrethe mixing bowls but they are often hard to find. However, Bear Country Kitchen is passionate about sourcing desirable, hard-to-find items and you can shop Rosti Mepal’s Margrethe mixing bowls and Cirqula multi-bowls on Bear Country Kitchen’s online store. Check them out for yourself and see why Rosti Mepal is loved by so many of our family and friends!

Also by Rosti Mepal

The brand also makes an array of useful Melamine cooking utensils that are designed to protect non-stick cookware and are heat-resistant up to 350°F. Once you’ve invested in high-quality non-stick cookware, it’s imperative to take care of it by having kitchen utensils that won’t scratch it. For that reason, Rosti Mepal’s Melamine Kitchen Tools are a must-have for your kitchen.

Unless you invest in the highest quality kitchen utensils, it can be difficult to cook without melting them at high temperatures. Rosti Mepal also solves this problem with tools that resist scratches and don’t get too hot while using them. Everyone should keep a bouquet of these colourful tools on their kitchen counter, their high-quality, heat-resistant melamine construction make them a must-have for every home cook.

Compared to other brands of kitchen utensils, Rosti spoons, spatulas, ladles, and scoops really stand out. You can use them for years before they’ll take damage, and their edges are strong enough and sharp enough to chop ingredients like onions, pepper, and chicken in the pan while you cook. The tools are versatile in their use, they can be used to stir, turn, and even serve.


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