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Henckels Kitchen Elements Knife Sharpener J.A.Henckels

Henckels Kitchen Elements Knife Sharpener J.A.Henckels

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Only sharp knives cut well. But what can you do if even the best blades no longer glide through the food they are chopping or peeling the way they should? The handy HENCKELS knife sharpener can help here and ensures that even dull knives are sharp again in no time. It is suitable for all standard models with smooth knife blades, except Asian blades or serrated bread or tomato knives. The handle is made of high-quality and study plastic, making it particularly easy to maintain. The sharpener also sits securely in the hand thanks to the curved design; the blades and handle are always separate from each other. This makes it easy for even non-professionals to sharpen knives in an instant, because the sharpening angle is already preset: simply drag the blade through the stainless steel and ceramic discs, wipe, and you're ready for cutting! And after use, the space-saving sharpener can be moved to the drawer.

  • Ceramic discs enable rough and fine honing of the knife in one step – for simple and safe sharpening.
  • Suitable for all knifes with a smooth cutting edge. Not suitable for a bread knife
  • Made of high-quality, easy-care plastic


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