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NoStik Toast-It

NoStik Toast-It

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The Nostik® U-Toast-It is the handy tool for quickly preparing all sorts of grilled sandwiches in a toaster. Simply place your snack in the Nostik® U-Toast-It, put it in your toaster and tuck in. Thanks to the excellent non-stick coating there is no need for butter and other fats. The Nostik® U-Toast-It is reusable and easy to clean in warm soapy water or the dishwasher. You can also easily cut the U-Toast-It to size, so it fits any type of toaster.

Plus points
- Your food is ready in a flash and extra crispy
- Contributes to healthy cuisine because there is no need for butter and other fats
- Easy to clean
- Reusable
- Heat-resistant to 260 °C


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