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Impact Veganics The Best Deodorant In The World - Bear Country Kitchen

Impact Veganics The Best Deodorant In The World

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A company founded by vegan activists that donates 100% after tax profits to animal liberation. Safe for the earth, safe for the animals, safe for all humans. This high-quality, low-footprint deodorant doesn't stink, so you don't have to either.

BARE MINIMUM IS NO LONGER ENOUGH.  Providing safe products that aren’t tested on animals and come in environmentally friendly packaging should be the NEW standard for all companies and not a selling feature.   

IMPACT takes it a step further:  Since 2009 we’ve been formulating and creating the highest quality vegan deodorant in the marketplace and in 2021 changed our business model so that our products can make a lasting and positive IMPACT by donating 100% of all campaign profits to animal liberation groups.  This can ensure animals and future generations can live in a world without violence. 

If only 1% of vegans in the USA switched their deodorant, donations could reach over $4,000,000 to animal liberations groups every single year. 


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