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Combekk 4L Dutch Oven with Thermometer

Combekk 4L Dutch Oven with Thermometer

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The Original Dutch Oven

Quality of Dutch origin

A cast iron pan is called a “Dutch Oven” across the globe. The name “Dutch Oven” refers to a manufacturing technique in which molten iron is poured into a sand mold. The Dutch invented this technique and therefore we are very proud that we are the only brand casting our top range in the Netherlands. A Dutch Oven from the Netherlands, as it should be!

100% Recycled

Iron never loses it's quality. Thats why we choose to work with 100% recycled material. With a proper furnace and a balanced mix of materials COMBEKK can deliver the best quality without digging even one iron ore. The origin of the main ingredient of the cast is stamped on the bottom of the Dutch Oven.

Design & Functionality

COMBEKK Home-ware is quality of Dutch origin. Completely enameled cast iron products with a functional design of fully recycled material. Enameled cast iron cookware retains heat and creates a uniform heat distribution across the pan.