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Kitchen Scrubber Loofah Art

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  • Natural loofah scrubber gentle enough to clean fruits and vegetables; tough enough to tackle jobs that call for a scrubbing abrasive tool, without worrying about scratching
  • Scrubbers aerate dry and stay fresher longer eliminating any “souring” bacteria residue and odor; last longer than most scrubbers and are also machine washable
  • Loofah-Art products are made of 100% loofah -- not "hybrids", which are part sponge/part scrubber
  • Safe to use on all sensitive surfaces including non-sticks, ceramic stove tops, designer counters, automobile windshields, wheels & painted surfaces, boats, motorcycles and RV's
  • Outlasts the useful life of most scrubbers by over 10-to-1 ~ Beyond "Green"...100% natural! Earth Friendly--biodegradable--compostable